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Toad On Fire — Available Now!

He's unconventional! He's daring! He's unceremonious!

He's Smokey, the bodacious toad, and he's ready -- strapped with his flame-throwing weed burner -- to take on 30 levels across 5 environments. Encounter fast-paced action, hostile forces, eccentric characters, and boss battles. Discover secrets and powerups. Save loot to purchase armor and upgrades. Solve puzzles in the castle stages to reach a magical wizard and be rewarded.

Execute speicial attacks!

 – Blast forward as a ball of fire, striking your foes like bowling pins!

Zoom across the sky!

 – Special "flying" levels have your flamethrower double as a jetpack!

Rooted in a dark past, toads and frogs live far apart.

Toads thrive on the surface of the earth. Meanwhile, frogs struggle to survive 300 miles up, orbiting the globe from outer space. They've been up there a long time, and they've had enough! They're going to storm the planet's surface and take back their land!

Seemingly valiant, indeed, the frogs could very well be the heroes of this story, if it wasn't for their leader, King Baxter, a rancorous frog who also wants to wipe all toads off the face of the planet and out of existence.

Homeland under attack!

Meanwhile, on a small farm in the archipelago, Smokey is about to begin a day of torching weeds. No sooner than strapping on his equipment does he find himself caught in the middle of the invasion. Fortunately, his flame-throwing weed burner proves to be an effective weapon against the enemy, and he springs into action to save his world (and kind)!